Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two More Pretties...

I missed blogging yesterday but didn’t miss taking my picture…

Here is a beautiful cup that my darling friend Merilyn gave me for Christmas 2012…I love it and use it all day for every cup of coffee or tea I drink…it is nice and big.

I have a beautiful tea set that I found in a little country town, however I only managed to get 2 cups and saucer sets with it…so my dear friend Judy gave me another pair for my birthday last year (2012)…I love the set.

I hope you are enjoying your new year…I hope you are using your pretty cups too.
Happy stitching and living


  1. Love the tea set,it's really pretty.
    I have a friend that collect china,she rents them out for tea party's.Her friend bakes cakes, and they do (old fashioned teas) they are doing really well.
    You should take a look on facebook,they are called Tiny Teas .
    Laura xx