Thursday, January 24, 2013

Launceston 2013

A Fun Time Away With Hubby.

I was one very blessed woman just recently; Hubby surprised me with a weekend trip to Launceston in Tasmania for our 22nd wedding anniversary.
He is a romantic at heart (well he tries); he had plenty of input from loads of my girlfriends and his mates as well so how could he go wrong.
We flew into Launceston on Friday lunchtime and picked up our hire car.
Audi A1

Then off to the city of Launceston we went.
Checked into Alice’s Cottages, the Camelot cottage was waiting for us.
Dining/ Lounge looking into the bedroom
Fire Place

Bedroom Canopy Bed

Spa Love the Mural

Ceiling above canopy, note the crown


We had fun exploring the local scenery and shops; we had some really nice Dickens Cider with our fresh Italian pizza for our first meal in our cottage.

We went for a drive to the Cataract Gorge and enjoyed the beauty of it all.

We rode the chairlift to the other side and enjoyed morning tea at the café with the local wildlife.

We took a drive out to the wine region and went to a lovely winery called Pipers Brook and Janz

Came home for a nap and spa and then we were going out for Dinner but ended up staying in as I didn’t feel so well (sadly) we enjoyed a very beautiful Indian meal from a local restaurant and just enjoyed each others company and the peace and quiet.
On the Sunday we were flying out in the afternoon so we went had a drive through the areas of Launceston we had not seen yet, the architecture was divine.
We went off to Evandale to the local markets where I was very sad to say I wanted to buy everything but could only fit so much in my luggage…I found a few little trinkets for my children as gifts and a couple of things for us, including Hubby’s new hat.

We had a late lunch and returned the car to the airport as we awaited our flight home.
The one thing I noticed most about Launceston was the quietness and lack of people, even in the city center on a Friday afternoon there didn’t seem to be many people around…I thought they had all been abducted by aliens (jokes). I guess it is just a sleepy kind of country town after all.

Sewing starts up again this week so I am excited to get back to Khristina’s for some fun together.
Hope you all have been sewing up a storm.
Happy Stitching


  1. All looks beautiful,glad you had a good time.xx

  2. Amanda loved seeing all your pics, so pleased you two had a great time.

  3. You know where all the people were (lol)! It certainly is a beautiful landscape! The cottage and both of you look very happy! Happy anniversary !

  4. A quilter from our local Quilters Group is taking a holiday in the southern hemis. taking in Tasmania - she,s out there now missing (dont think she will lol) our really cold snowy weather.

  5. What an amazing trip. I'm so glad you had such a great time!

  6. Glad you had a lovely time Amanda and loved seeing the photos .

  7. What a lovely surprise from your hubby! Great pics - looks like a nice place!

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments...I am so blessed.