Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Reply

I have meant to reply to a comment posted after one of my Blog posts about my dietary changes but of course have been too ill and distracted… so here goes

“Thank you for sharing what you are going through, your diet change, and what it is~ I am also trying to lose weight, and it has been next to impossible. I don't have any digestive issues...just can't seem to lose. I've gone from vegetarian, to vegan to raw to juicing to raw and juicing and I've decided I need to eat a small amount of protein, some veggies and a little fruit and some oils. That is it. Sounds almost like what you are doing. Anyways, it was interesting to read what you are dealing with”.

Thanks Cathy, it sounds like you are on a journey just as I am...I hope you find the right combination for you that will help kick start your weight loss. I do know that the key ingredient in any weight loss regime is exercise, bah, very sad but true. Unfortunately my exercise regime gets forgotten or is just too hard some days...I am working on it though.
I am a firm believer that weight loss starts in your mind, if you are not in the right frame of mind or distracted then it becomes a real battle, having the right frame of mind at the time is a major help when making choices about exercise and food.

I also believe it makes it easier if you are able to forgive yourself when you fall off the wagon so to speak…when I eat that chocolate or drink that full milk Latte with vanilla flavor (not that I can drink full fat milk anymore), I have to remember that it was just once and I should not throw out the entire diet and exercise regime just because I failed once. My trouble is I feel guilt about it and let it change my mindset about how I am doing. Guilt is the enemy of the mind when it comes to weight loss.
I have to say to my self OK you blew it today but tomorrow is another day and I can start again.
Weight loss only gets harder the older you get sadly, so I hope those who are on any kind of weight loss journey will take my advice and be kind to yourself, forgive yourself when you fall off the wagon and jump back on.
Happy Weight loss

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long Time No See

A Busy time…
Well don’t fall off your rockers folks here I am blogging again for the first time in 2 months. Life has been indeed busy and I have had a lot of sickness to contend with hence my absence from my blog.
Now I don’t promise this is going to be any great read, but I do promise it will be a bit of a catch up on the last 2 months.
Sickness and Battles…
After the great start to my elimination diet it all had to go by the wayside due to having to have tests that required me to go back on a “regular” diet. Not long after that I ended up in surgery so I have spent a while recovering from that and trying to find out the cause of certain illness.
No great shock it is age related (pooh) and I have to investigate a path of treatment that suits me, I would much rather that then just blindly follow what the GP says is OK…says HE a male Doctor who does not have to suffer what we women must go through at a certain time of life.
We had a new fence erected and the gardens were "simplified" here are some before and after shots of the work...can you see a difference?

Our Yard was tidied up and a new fence erected.

Happier Times…
Well after not doing much sewing at all this year I finally got my house blocks done for the house block swap I have been doing with our online CRAFT group.
I thought I was going to die before I could get them done, but Praise God they are done and handed in. now just waiting on the others to come back to me and then onwards with putting it all together.

I tidied my sewing room and actually got a top finished for my DD who has been waiting for 7 months for me to put together something with the fabrics I bought for her at the craft fair in October last year.  I bought the Ghastlies fabric and managed to get some yardage for the backing from the States. I just have to sandwich it together quilt it and bind it and she will be happier.
I seem to have lost my Mojo again, I am just tired all the time and not really motivated to get into the sewing room. That will change I have no doubt….
I Recently found an old Genoa Lounge in an op shop and was so happy when I got to bring it home and call it mine. Hubby and I have longed for one of these little beauties most of our married life and yippee we got one…it is not too shabby and will be re-covered in the next year. So now my love for all things 1930-1940’s comes back to life.
Maybe I just yearn for the simpler life of 1940”s yes we were a world at war but the amazing people and the things they did to “make do” is really inspiring…
Alright this is becoming a novel and I need to rest…so Hopefully in the near future you will see some more posts about the sewing I am doing (hoping) and even the decorating I am doing in the lounge to match a 1940’s style.
Happy stitching