Saturday, January 5, 2013


Beautiful Cup

I have a really beautiful cup to use today, I bought this one for myself around 2005, it is an antique and  I just fell in love with it…
It is supposed to be circ. 1667 but I am still investigating that.
Sometimes it is nice to buy yourself little treats, well this one won’t put calories on that’s for sure…

Yesterday I mentioned I would have a special surprise to share with you all…well here it is.

This is a 1932 Singer treadle machine that my Mum and Dad bought for me many years ago, I sold it for a small amount to a friend when we sold our house and could not take it with us, on the proviso she sell it back to me in the future…well the future has arrived, and so has my machine.

I will be taking the time to clean her up and get her working properly so that I can actually use her for special projects…
Did I mention that many years ago I learned to sew on a treadle machine, no I am not that bloomin’ old but I happened to have one back when I was a teen and taught myself to sew…Mum continued to teach me over the years and for that I am truly thankful.
There is something special about an old treadle, perhaps it is just that way for me, I love History and nostalgia…
Well I wonder what kind of things you love, do you have something that you like to collect or an era you just adore?? I would love to hear your thoughts and hear what you like…
Happy Stitching and Living


  1. It is great that you got that machine back! I have my mother's treadle machine which I learnt to sew on and it has no chance to go any where! Regards, Nessie

  2. Beautiful cup! I love your machine. Smart thinking of you to have her sell the machine back to you and that way it stays in the family!
    hugs Karen

  3. I'm so happy you have been reunited. I can see you jumping up and down with joy right now! Yay!

  4. That's a beautiful cup! I would live to learn to operate such a machine. Yours looks like it's in good condition, probably will clean up beautifully. Enjoy your treasures, Amanda. I collect bears and really love the Victorian era for the!