Friday, January 10, 2014

Organizing Give Away Time...

How many of us have the same dilemma when it comes to craft areas and keeping them tidy or organized. You might be really blessed and have your own room like I do or you might just have a corner or nook in a room that is shared by the rest of the household.
Whatever your craft space size, we all face the same problem…keeping it tidy. I apologize right up front to those sewing sisters who are super organized and never have a thing out of place (if anyone like that really exists) this might not be the blog post for you and you might find it all very boring…
This post is really for those women who are like me and struggle to keep things in order (especially when in the middle of a project). I find inspiration online and because I am a visual person I love Pinterest and the endless pictures of tidy craft rooms and inspirational ideas of how to store my craft stuff.

Of course the dilemma is HOW to take the inspiration I see on Pinterest and use it in my craft area.  Being organized is an art I think…some people are good at it and others like me struggle and barely get by.
I am hoping with the New Year many people like me are inspired to get it all sorted so that you can craft away till your hearts content.

To help you along I have a little give away…

Book of Organization: The Art of Creating Order

Where Women Create: Book of Organization--the third in the Where Women Create series, published in association with the wildly popular magazine of the same name--is the essential guide to getting the most out of your creative workspace.  In 176 eye-catching and photograph-filled pages, it offers storage ideas, tips, tricks, and dos and don'ts for organizing over 10 types of crafts studios. Profiles showcase more than 25 artistic, inspirational women and delve into their organization style and techniques. The featured crafts include paper, fabric, jewelry, journaling, mixed media, and needlework.

An Inspirational book that just might be the thing that might help you kick a goal when it comes to organizing your craft area. This of course could apply to any craft, whether it is sewing or scrap booking, jewelry making or knitting. There are so many crafts out there and sometimes (if you are like me) you can have a habit of dabbling in a few and then end up with a hoard of craft stuff.
My inspiration this year has been the fact I am moving rooms, DS14 has moved into a larger room in the house and freed up a good sized room that I have claimed.
 Moving my craft stuff up into the house instead of the rumpus area out the back of the house has meant a few things for me. Hard work moving everything is probably the negative side but there are far more positives.
Being in the house means when the weather has extremes I am in the main house which has heating and air conditioning and therefore makes the sewing room more pleasant all year round. Which in turn means I am more apt to go into my sewing room and sew away.
And of course when you have to move everything it is the perfect opportunity to reassess how functional the craft room will be and how can I make it better organized.
I wonder if you too need a bit of a make over for your craft area, What is your inspiration?
To go in for the draw of the book just leave a comment below with your best organizational tip.
 On Australia Day, Jan 26th at 6pm Brisbane time (GMT+10) I will choose the best tip and post on here, who that winner is and of course what the tip is.
Come on Ladies get your thinking caps on and post those tips.
Happy Crafting


  1. Zip lock bags....this is one of the simplest way to keep your projects all together. They come in all sizes from tiny to large and you can write on the front of them with dates, project, or the names of the fabric inside.

  2. If I had a tip to give me the inspiration to reorganise my room I would have it all nice and neat and tidy HELP

  3. space is a big hot mess. My biggest tip is to spend some time EVERY DAY to work towards order. I don't always manage to do this, and when I don't, things backslide. Badly. Another thing that works for me is to use something I can "collect" at the thrift store for containers. I really like vintage milk glass, and it's not expensive, and comes in lots of sizes.

  4. For me it is about keeping things tidy. Tidy as you use/sew. Once things get out of hand it is so hard to get it back in order. Good luck with the reorganizing. Hugs Khris

  5. okay there's a place for everything and everything in its place

  6. If you are not sure where to put it give it away or throw it out.

  7. I put projects started and kits to be started in stackable boxes and number the boxes. In a book I list what is in each box so I know where the PHD's are, when I want them. I also like to keep a notebook with the progress of my PHD's. It is nearly a full-time Happy re-organising.