Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Retreat, Sewing and Visitors

Wow what an awesome time October was for my family and I. We had my Mum visit for just over a week, the kids got to spend some time with her, but I got to spend most of the time with her…
We had so much fun sewing and shopping, going to QPAC to see “Jeresy Boys”…but we had the most fun on retreat with our CRAFT group.
This year we had Marilyn from Long Beach come over along with her beautiful daughter Jolene…we all had so much fun together.
Marilyn and I

Mum with Marilyn

All us gals
We also had Sharon and Jenny from NZ, Amanda from SA , Rita (mum) from Mackay, Anita from Sydney…the usual local Gals like Khristina our esteemed leader, Lynda, Helena and Myself… we met up with Anna from Coffs on the Sunday for  lunch. Some of our beautiful Sewing Sisters could not make it this year sadly…we sure missed Diana and Lois, but they got to meet up with Marilyn and Jolene at different times in their journey.
Of course there are so many other Sewing Sisters in our group who could not make it because of the tyranny of distance, we wished they all could have been here with us.
We had Prizes Galore

Beautiful views

Fun working on new projects together

 Lots of yummy food

I totally enjoyed the time we all had together, it really does something for your soul when you spend time with people who have a common interest no matter where in the world they come from or what their belief’s.
We had lots of laughter and lots of fun…
Sunday on the top of the Mountain
On the Sunday of retreat we drove up to Toowoomba for the day to shop and meet Anna…We also stopped in at the Queens Park gardens to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom after their “Carnival of Flowers” the week before, beautiful indeed.
Lots of beautiful flowers

Mum enjoying the flowers

And Me...

Well we did get some sewing done at retreat, but not too much. We were inspired by Marilyn’s wise advice, we shared our tips and learned from our mistakes.

Country Visit for Mum
On the day we returned home from retreat, Mum and I went off to my friends place out at Laidley to meet the new baby calf born at 1am that morning…I think Mum thrives on the peace of the country just like I do.

Hello I'm TJ

Rita the goat lady

Mum with Pandora

Mother and Baby doing well

Mum got to see my friend Judy and her children whom she had not seen for a couple of years…she also got to meet Pandora the beautiful dairy cow who thinks she is human.  
Jersey Boys @ QPAC
We were so excited to go and see Jersey Boys at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre 2 nights before Mum left…we had been anticipating a great show, but OMGosh it just blew us away…I think there were only 2 songs I did not know (says a lot about my age 46).

Hubby, DD2, Mum and I  made some memories that will stay in our minds and hearts forever…
Farewell Mum…
Well in “real” life the fun times only last for as long as your holiday allows and sadly Mum had to board that train back to Mackay.
 The girls all got their planes back to their homes and we have all been left with lasting memories of some really fun times together…well till next year anyhow, when we get to make more fun memories…
This kind of fun was only possible for me because I took a chance and made friends with an Online CRAFT group and they became like sisters to me…
If you ever get the chance to meet some of your online friends (as long as it is a safe and wise thing to do) it may be one of the best times of your life….

Happy Stitching…


  1. So glad that you all had a fabulous time. I can see this becoming an annual thing.

    1. Oh it is already Tracee, I think this is the 4th year or 5th not sure...can't remember.
      But we certainly have a lot of fun.

  2. Miss you all so much!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. I miss you too...would love to be with you, I tried to sneak in Khris's bag but it just never worked out.
      Hugs to you.

  3. What a great time you guys had!! Sure wish I could get to one of the retreats!
    hugs Karen

  4. Looks like you had a great time,crafts and food....2 of my favourite things.xx

  5. It was a great retreat wasn't it!! And what a great bunch of friends! So glad your mum came and it was lovely to meet her.