Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friends Swap 2012

 2012 Friends Swap

I have sent my Friends Swap parcel off to Carol over at The Patch Craft, and received hers a couple of weeks ago...
I am so slack at blogging this year it is not funny... here is a look at what carol sent me.
Sorry the Picture is just a bit blurry, I may have been in so much of a hurry to open my parcel that I was a terrible photographer.
Carol sent me :-

F- Flashlight key chain with my name on it.
R- Ruffled Scarf
I-  Coffee mug and try (I, Me My)
E- Erasable Pen
N- Notebook
D- Delicious Chocolate
S- Sewing caddy with pin cushion and scissors.
I totally love my gifts and really feel blessed to have been Carols partner...

I can't reveal what I sent Carol just yet but you can have a little look at the wrapped packages...
I printed out some cute little cards and wrote the letters on them with a description on the inside of what each letter stood for...
Hopefully Carol will have received her parcel by this afternoon and I can add an extra bit to this post or a new post with some pictures of what I sent her.

I really enjoyed this swap and hope that if you ever get the chance to join one of Khristina's swaps you would do so as they are a lot of fun when you get to bless someone else and learn a little about their life.
I am sewing most Fridays with Khris and my aunt so I will have some things to show off soon.
 had to pull apart some of the Jelly Roll quilt top I did because the colors being too close together or double ups were driving me nuts...I also managed to get some yardage from the States to match so will be continuing with it soon.

I hope you are all enjoying your sewing and home time
This Domestic Diva is signing off now until next time...

Happy Stitching


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