Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Beginnings...

Welcome to my new Blog.
It is said that a change is as good as a holiday…Well I am not sure if I totally agree with that, I have had some really nice holidays and this is not quite the same. I do understand what is meant though.
I have felt like changing my Blog name etc. for ages now but have lacked the time or determination to do it. But here I am on the tail end of school holidays and ready to persue the change.
What was wrong with Cloth Doll lover? You may ask, nothing really except the fact that I truly did not put much thought into a name when I first discovered Blogger and made the first Blog. Now I have had much time over the last few years to think about it and finally do something.

I hope you like the changes and continue to follow me here.
I have added a couple of pages to this new Blog, Recipes and Home Hints etc (maybe more too). It will make it easier to follow the recipe section if that is all you are interested in, or the Home hints etc.

A give away…
In celebration of my new Blog I have decided to have a give away…But it is a bit different, I am having a give away for each different page that I have.
Home Hints…
Go on click on the tabs at top to discover the give aways…
Looking forward to sharing with you all my fun times in these areas.


  1. Looks great Amanda...instead of me winning can you just come clean my house, cook me some meals and sew me a quilt? ya...hugs Khris

  2. Hi Amanda~
    I sure understand starting over! I just had to start over but it wasn't my was that my old blog was hacked or something, and it was deleted without me doing it! Very frustating since I'd had from 2007~

    I like your new title! I joined! ♥♥♥

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I love the new look and especially the new name. So glad that you are still around in the blogging world.

  4. Not letting me edit that I can tell. Lunchbag book looks great. Thanks for the opportunity Amanda.

  5. Your new blog is lovely Amanda and well done :) hugs Vicki x....I am following your new blog too :)

  6. Hi Amanda! Great new beginning! I am following of course! Love the look of the Lunch bag book! Happy new blog! :)
    hugs Karen

  7. I'm following this blog now, and I'd love the Aprons book...why? Because I've never made an apron and have been checking out a few beauties on the net and am tempted! The book might just persuade me to jump in and make one or 50! Great blog hun.


  8. I always follow your blogs hehe..... so here I am again

  9. Love your Lunchbag book ,can not wait for October,love you, see you then.
    (have the nana room ready) (:

  10. I am now following your new blog and it looks great!!! I love the apron book - thanks for the chance!!